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Kamal’s Day Spa is lovely.

4.0 rating
October 20, 2020

I first met Kamal about a year ago. On a recommendation from a friend, I booked an appointment at her spa. Our connection was instantaneous. She truly cares about each individual’s needs, and this caring goes way beyond the services provided in a spa setting. Kamal listens, and is eager to learn about her clients in order to make a connection and provide them with the best care possible. Her professionalism and caring make me look forward to my appointments, and our conversations. The spa offers so many amazing treatments, and any one of her staff are equally kind and competent. I highly recommend Kamal’s Day Spa and the lovely staff who work there.

Jill Sharpe

Best advice

5.0 rating
October 7, 2020

Kamal advised me to get laser done on my face instead of waxing as I have sensitive skin and I am glad I listened to her. She really gives the best advice according to your needs and your skin. I saw reduction in my facial hair after the first treatment itself.


Only place for threating and waxing for me 💯

5.0 rating
October 6, 2020

I have been going to Kamal and Saman for 8 years ,each and every time I am greeted with genuine kindness, i feel the energy shared is pure and authentic.
My eye brows do not get done anywhere else .
Each and every time the shape is the same .
Very proficient in Brazilian waxing for . Quick and discreet . Thank you for sharing your beautiful space and spa with me for 8 years now and many to come .

lorinda paradis

More than just a spa with services

5.0 rating
September 17, 2020

I have been going to Kamal’s Day Spa for just over 6 years.
They are much more than just a spa with services. Whether I go in to get my eyebrows threaded, body waxed or giving my husband the gift of a massage I always leave feeling much better than when I went in.
I have been very self conscious about my appearance & body throughout my life. Kamal and all her staff ALWAYS make me feel comfortable with a non judgmental and compassionate approach. They genuinely care about my thoughts, feelings and concerns. Kamal’s day spa has NEVER been a place where one would go in as a number, get a service and leave.
Their holistic approach, comforting atmosphere, compassionate & welcoming nature, as well as, affordable prices & exceptional work has made me a client forever!
They make me feel more beautiful in my mind, body and spirit.
Thank you

Bridgette Razzo

testimonial_icon2I have been struggling to find the right laser for myself for years now, and after trying a few different types I have finally found the one at Kamal's Day Spa. Following my third treatment. I began to see the change in my hair growth. Not only was the hair coming in slower, but also finer. I am now eight treatments in and the results are exceptional. The whole procedure has been worry free as Kamal is experienced in what she does and pays great attention to give a natural result. Kamal is very welcoming and makes the effort to connect with her clients making you feel comfortable. The laser that she uses is perfect for tan skin. I would highly recommend laser hair removal at Kamal's to anyone looking for long-term and quick results!
~ Komal
testimonial_icon2Prior to going to Reiki, I was feeling very stuck, uneasy, emotionally and mentally drained. I had no energy and no zest for life. As soon as I met Kamal, it felt like home. She started off with getting to know me and my life as a child and my upbringing. She shared some amazing advice and brought guides to help me, while sharing her own personal stories and her experiences. As she was doing the Reiki, I could feel my body release all that was holding me inside. Kamal was able to figure out things I didn't even mention while doing Reiki - and suggested things to help. After leaving my session, I felt so at ease. My energy was high and I was happy and felt like taking on the world! And the best part is Kamal has this gift, while being the most extraordinary yet humble person I've ever met in my life. I can't wait for my next session with her. I highly recommend everyone to do Reiki by Kamal ~ you will not be disappointed.
~ SN
JasminI was referred to Kamal by a friend who happens to having amazing eyebrows. The first time I went to Kamal, I was intrigued by her energy and her love for eyebrows. She takes the time to understand what you want and delivers it. I have been going to her for 6 months and my eyebrows look great! Also, the energy Kamal has is uplifting and free which is a nice bonus.
In addition, I do appreciate that Kamal takes her time to do my eyebrows and does not over book herself – many places I have previously visited take 5 minutes and always double book. That is when you end up with hideous eyebrows!
~ Jasmin D.
Vancouver, BC
SurinderI’ve been going to Kamal for my spa needs since 2001. She always gives great tips to keep up with beauty and health. She is so knowledgeable and full of life.Recently, I have tried Reiki with her and to my surprise it helped me so much physically and spiritually. When you want Reiki done, you want to make sure that the Reiki master doesn’t have any negative energy because it will affect you. People who know Kamal knows well about her super positive energy. She not only did Reiki for me but also helped me in understanding man and women relationship. I strongly recommend her for spa, beauty & spirituality.
~ Satinder D.
Surrey, BC
AlexI saw Kamal for the first time yesterday. Glorious! Not only is she talented and speedy, she is a rare and unique soul.
I’m very excited to have Kamal so close to work and the pricing is extremely reasonable.
~ Alex B.
Bellingham, WA USA
RueI first went to see Kamal almost ten years ago the very first time I was getting my eyebrows done as a teenager, and she was fantastic, very friendly and patient with my super low pain tolerance. Since then, I’ve tried many different places, and many different methods, but when I want my eyebrows done right, I always come see her.
More recently, she’s been doing wonders for unwanted body hair with her laser treatments and is still as patient and as accommodating as ever. I would definitely recommend coming to see her for fabulous brows.
~ Rue T.
Vancouver, BC
FNSuper awesome! Kamal is very nice and personable, she is a little pricier than most threading places, but she knows what she is doing. If you want nice eyebrows and friendly service, this place is for you.
~ F. N.
Surrey, BC
MandyKamal is FANTASTIC!
She has the highest standards of work possible! I have been going to her for months …almost a year to have my eyebrows threaded and corrected. I LOVE that she practices high standards of cleanliness – she threads by HAND not with the thread in her mouth!
She takes the time to listen to you as the client and do her best to make you feel like you are walking away with the best possible experience you could have had visiting her business. I can’t say how much I appreciate her…I wish I had found her a lot sooner – perhaps my eyebrows could have been corrected with WAY more hair available for her to work her magic on though she did amazingly with what minimal hair she had! Thank you Kamal for your amazing work and what you do for all of us girls with problematic brows!! xo
~ Mandy D.
Surrey, BC
testimonial_icon2Kamal provides exceptional service. She is highly dedicated to her clients. She takes her time with you during each visit to ensure that you have a completely satisfying Spa experience. Her genuine kind spirit will make you want to return again and again. In addition to the positive atmosphere, she provides a very clean and professional environment.
~ Sandeep
testimonial_icon2I started getting my eyebrows done in grade 10. One major mistake I made for about 3 years was going to any salon and getting my eyebrows done. About a year ago I discovered Kamal on Facebook. She’s been in the beauty industry for 25+ years now and specializes in eyebrows. One thing I loved about going to Kamal was that she would refuse to do my eyebrows if they hadn’t fully grown in; it’s usually hard to find someone who refuses to do a service if it’s not in your best interest. Not only does she do my eyebrows, she’s been doing my laser for over a year now. And I’ve seen amazing results to the point where I only go in for a touch up after 3-4 months. Her professionalism and honesty is something that keeps me going back to her. If your looking for good results and someone whose truly experienced in this field, I would absolutely recommend her!
~ Arsh Dhaliwal
testimonial_icon2I would highly recommend Kamal for her professional and overall quality. She has a great spa and is very accommodating to make sure the client comes first.
~ Arvind
testimonial_icon2The first step when it comes to starting any kind of spa treatment, whether it is laser, massages, waxing, etc., is finding a place you feel comfortable at. Finding someone who you can make you feel comfortable during the treatment and someone who has you feeling confident as you walk out of your treatment appointment is important! Kamal at Kamals Day Spa gives you her 100% attention which makes me feel so much more comfortable during the process. I am so thankful that I have found her because feeling that sense of confidence when leaving an appointment with her is the absolute best feeling. A mistake many girls I have met throughout the years is going into random beauty shops which often leads them into permanent skin issues. Kamal’s professional level is amazing which is what keeps me coming back. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone with tons experience in the beauty industry, whom you can trust completely with your skin!
~ Chanel Brar
testimonial_icon2I got my Brazilian sugaring done with an associate at Kamal’s day spa and she was fantastic! Sugaring for most women can be painful but it wasn’t for me and she was very efficient and had me out of there in no time. The spa is exactly as shown in the photos, everyone is welcoming and friendly. I will be a regular client here for sugaring.
~ Maricar S.
Surrey, BC
testimonial_icon2I have been Kamal’s client for over 15 years. She is extremely professional and caring. Her clients always come first. I would highly recommend her Spa to everyone.
~ Karam
testimonial_icon2When I came to Kamal, I was at my lowest point of depression and anxiety. I have been battling this illness for the last 10 years.
I have been through countless sessions of therapy, taking various medications and working with different Reiki specialists. Through it all, I developed an addiction to prescription drugs as a desperate attempt to feel better. But from the moment I met Kamal, I felt at ease, as Kamal is a very compassionate woman who does not judge. When I started the Reiki session, I was comfortable right away. I felt safe. I felt something and it sounds weird, but I was happy to feel emotion. It was so reassuring because I hadn't felt anything in months! Everyday that comes I take it as if it were my last day and now I am feeling true happiness, sadness, excitement and gratefulness. I have not taken any medication since my last Reiki session. Kamal gave me chance to take on my life sober and all it took was her powerful hands, mind and spirituality. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a positive impact Kamal has made in my life and for all those affected in my life.*
~ M. D.
* For the full story, visit the Energy Healing Blog post.
testimonial_icon2Kamal is a wonderful Reiki therapist. Her work comes from her heart. She truly wants to help and heal the people she meets and knows. I initially did not know about Reiki nor did not know what to think. It was something I needed to try due to how I was feeling and things that had happened in my life. Kamal explained things to me and took her time with me. Every experience with her has been positive and uplifting.
testimonial_icon2I recently went to see Kamal for Reiki treatment to help with my anxiety which was really bad to the point where I could not sleep at all and I felt claustrophobic all the time. It was affecting my daily living. I recently heard about Reiki from a relative and then realized Kamal offered this service. I have known Kamal for over 10 years and feel very comfortable and at ease with her. I trust her completely. I would not have gone to anyone else for this treatment. I did not know what to expect. I was a bit nervous. We talked for over an hour before the session and an hour after. She spent almost 3 hours with me. I went home that night not feeling any different. I went to sleep, yes sleep, with zero anxiety and I slept thru the night! Its been 2 weeks and I have not had any anxiety or negative feelings at all. In fact I feel like a new person with such positive vibes. I am making changes in my life now that I always pondered about but never took action on.  I don't know how or what happened but I do know that Kamal takes pride and passion in what she does.  She is a true healer and helping people is her purpose in life. I am looking forward to a new lease on life with meditation being a part of my daily regime and I want to say thank you Kamal for doing what you do! ~ J.B. Delta, BC
testimonial_icon2I saw Kamal for a Reiki session. I was experiencing emotional instabilities and had been going through a very rough time. I had heard that Reiki can be very help to help uncover and unresolved emotional traumas.
I have to say, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was hoping for the best.

The process itself was so pleasant and calming. Just the open honest conversation (answering the questions she had for me) was therapeutic. I was so relaxed and calm during the process.

What happened after the healing was amazing. I started recalling aspects of my childhood that to others may seem insignificant (and I think even to myself they did) but with these “random” lost memories I recalled how I felt, and the impact these little events have had in my life. Honestly it was so wired. The best part was I wasn’t upset or sad when i recalled how I felt, instead I remembered it in a matter of fact way and then almost let it go.
I can truly say that my session with Kamal helped me let go of some things I no doubt was holding on to (things I had no idea I even was).

I recommended this to anyone who is feeling stuck, depressed, and/or anxiety. Thank you Kamal!