Start the year fresh with a new YOU and perspective on life.

“When I came to Kamal, I was at my lowest point of depression and anxiety. I have been battling this illness for the last 10 years.

I have been through countless sessions of therapy. I took various medications and have gone to different Reiki specialists. Through it all, I developed an addiction to prescription drugs as a desperate attempt to ” feel better.” From the moment I met Kamal I felt at ease, as Kamal is a very compassionate woman who does not judge. You have talked to me several times about your Reiki, but I was hesitant because of the previous experiences sessions that failed me. However, I decided I had nothing to loose. I was so numb and lonely inside. I was broken and desperate just to feel something. When we sat down, we talked about what I was going through, from my time as a child all the way to my adulthood. I was honest with Kamal in every aspect of my life ( my habits, feelings, beliefs ), more open that with anyone including my spouse, siblings, parents and friends. When I started the Reiki session, I was comfortable right away. I felt safe. I was expecting a change almost immediately after you were done and to be honest I still felt numb and depressed, but I wasn’t ready to give up! You gave me tools to work with when I got home, and honestly, I only did half of the homework. I was not into doing anything, my main goal at that moment was to take a bath everyday as I had told you and it was one of my goals because depression got so bad I couldn’t even take care of myself. After one week, I had the energy to go for a 10 minute walk everyday, shower, get up early and be there for my 3 beautiful children wholeheartedly, but still had no emotion. Another week went by and honestly I felt something, I felt anger and I finally embraced it. I felt something and it sounds weird, but I was happy to feel emotion. It was so reassuring because I hadn’t felt anything in months! Everyday that comes I take it as if it were my last day and now I am feeling true happiness, a good sadness, excitement and gratefulness. I have not taken any medication since our Reiki session. You gave me chance to take on life sober and all it took was your powerful hands, mind and spirituality. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an impact you have made in my life and for all those affected in my life. My Mom and Dad used to be worried sick about me that they were too feeling lost. But two weeks after my Reiki session, I can honestly say they couldn’t of been more proud of me in my efforts to get through this illness and addiction. Keep in mind my Mom and Dad immigrated to Canada in the 60’s from India and these types of things are not acceptable or there is little education about it but they have been my number one support system next to Kamal. My children have also noticed a difference in me as well. I am now pro-active instead of hiding in my house. I do much more with my kids. I take them out, set up play dates, and I am more confident than ever. I am going to continue Reiki sessions throughout the years as I want to stay clear of the negativity that passes through me so as to stay strong and motivated. Just being around Kamal makes me feel so blessed I am so grateful that she walked into my journey through life.  Anything Kamal tells me I take in as if it’s food to feed my hunger; you are truly my angel that has saved me from despair ….. love you”

Start the year fresh with a new YOU and perspective on life❤️ clear all your blockages from your deeper core.

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