Spiritual Sexuality

In Kamal’s own words:

I have noticed through my 24 years of experience working in this field that people are starved for a deep connection or relationship with their true self.

Emotionally, many people are very lost; the reason for this is that they are craving self-love. They don’t even know what they are seeking and seek temporary escapes through drinking, drugs, shopping, parties, holidays, and multiple relationships. Living in this society, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with all these activities, but they only provide temporary comfort and happiness. You can still enjoy these experiences but don’t be dependent on them. Learn to engage in these activities as a witness to yourself. By doing so, you can then build a core connection to your self, and begin to live the passionate and blissful life that you crave.

Our primary purpose here on earth is to be in the moment. Our secondary purpose is playing all our roles such as parent, spouse, child, employee, business owner etc. Unfortunately, most of us forget our true essence and being as we lose ourselves by playing these roles. Many of us stay in the first stage or second stage of life. The first stage is focused on self and our immediate needs. The second stage focuses on our family needs and wants. At this stage, we are looking for approval, expectation, appreciation and we are looking for a return of the same affections. There is nothing wrong with living in the second stage as we learn many lessons; how to grow beyond attachment, control, anger, ego, pride, lust and expectations. These life experiences can teach us to reach a higher conscious level.

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