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Kamal’s Day Spa Values & Principles

1. Conduct our services with integrity, patience, passion, trust and honesty.
2. Stay current with new products, techniques and trends.
3. Consistent hygiene, sterilization  and cleanliness.
4. We believe in providing high quality services and products.
5. We honour our guests’ time and money by providing efficient services.
6. We display a professional and presentable atmosphere.
7. We invite feedback from our guests to improve our services.
8. We endeavour to fully use holistic and organic products.

The meaning of Kamal is lotus flower. More passionately colored red lotus flower blooms take on a spiritual meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth.

Our Commitment to You

Kamal and her staff are committed to the highest quality customized therapeutic healing/spa services for both men & women in the Lower Mainland. We employ the best therapists in the community to provide excellence of service to our guests. Our guests rave about our services and what we offer and for this reason our clientele comes back year after year. Our connection with our clientele is of the utmost importance to us and we see to it that they feel right at home in our spa facilities.

Deep Body Exfoliation & Body Wraps

Deep body exfoliation is the ultimate in body cleansing as it goes beneath the pores to extract impurities and toxins from the body. This process includes a deep tissue, full body massage from the head to the toes. With the removal of dead skin cells you will leave feeling fully refreshed and restored. Depending on your requirements, these treatments nourish dry or problem skin, diminish stretch marks and cellulite scarring, and firm up the epidermis.

  • Deep Penetration to Decongest Clogged Pores & Remove Dead Skin
  • Smooths out and Polishes Uneven Skin
  • Improves Texture and Tone
  • Lightened Pigmentation
  • Reduction in the Appearance of Fine Lines

Massage Treatments for Men & Women

A skin tag is excess skin that forms on any part of the body. While they are benign, they can bring undue attention and detract from one’s appearance, so, for that reason, many clients request their removal for cosmetic reasons, especially when they occur on the face or the eyelids. At Kamal’s Day Spa, we have a machine specific for the purpose of removing them. The procedure is pain free and can be done quickly. Ask one of our consultants for more info.

  • Body Massage 60 min
  • Head Massage
  • Deep Body Exfoliation
  • Body Wrap
  • Full Body Deep Tissue Swedish Massage

Facial Treatments for Men & Women

Kamal’s Day Spa provides treatments that deal with issues specific to your skin type and needs. We take care of a full range of facial services, from anti-aging, brightening, deep-exfoliating, acne, peeling, AHA, glycolic, derma, to back facials. Most of our skin care products are organic and are made in Japan, France and the USA. We also carry great body care products to heal ingrown hair, scars, pigmentation, acne, dry patches as well as hand, knee and elbow tissue repair.

To lighten facial and body hair, we use Facial Gold bleach.

  • 24 Karat Gold Facial
  • Diamond
  • Anti-Aging
  • Peeling & Brightening
  • Deep Facial Exfoliation
  • Acne Treatment
  • AHA & Glycolic Treatments
  • Gold Bleach – for lighting facial and body hair

Laser Treatments for Men & Women


We have a special machine to remove unwanted skin tags and moles.

  • Full Face Laser Treatment
  • Cheek & Forehead Laser Treatment
  • Body Laser Treatment

Threading for Men & Women

Eyebrow shaping is our passion as we consider perfecting the eyebrow arch to be an art form. Your eyebrows frame the contour of the eye and a well-designed, beautiful brow shape will uplift the eye and improve your overall appearance. All our threading work is done by hand using both hands instead of the mouth which makes the technique more hygenic and accurate. Excellent for aging and thin skin.

Guaranteed no pain, cuts, or blood.

  • Eyebrow & Upper Lip
  • Full Face

Waxing Treatments

Waxing (sugaring). We use only 100% organic wax which removes dead skin and is great for sensitive skin. Prevents ingrown hair. Ask about our full body packages.

  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Legs & Arms
  • Underarms
  • Bikini to Brazilian
  • Full Front & Back

Manicures & Pedicures

Our classic mani or pedi starts with cleansing soak to soften the cuticles. The cuticles are then pushed back and the nails are shaped, buffed and polished to perfection!

  • Basic Manicure
  • Basic Pedicure

Makeup Application

We carry the full line of Jane Iredale’s skincare and make up products.

  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Legs & Arms
  • Underarms

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