At Kamal’s Day Spa, we provide all types of technique for hair removal depending on the client’s specific needs, from threading, waxing, laser. Recently we introduced electrolysis into the spa with the hiring of Kiran Gill, a professional electrologist who uses advanced electrolysis technology for permanent hair removal. It is the safest and most permanent hair removal method for all skin colours/types, all hairs colours/types and all body locations. It works by sliding a very fine¬†electrified needle into the hair follicle, then heat is applied to the papilla¬†(the part of the root that produces the hair) which destroys the hair root, then is removed with tweezers one at a time. For faster results, it can be used in combination with laser hair removal therapy.

Waxing also removes a strip of hair from the root, but when the hair is removed, it leaves a pool of blood which nourishes the papilla, encouraging regrowth. The blood also carries hormones that produces and increases hair, in the hormonal areas.

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