Finding Happiness & Inner Peace

“Prior to going to Reiki, I was feeling very stuck, uneasy, emotionally and mentally drained. I had no energy and no zest for life. As soon as I met Kamal, it felt like home. She started off with getting to know me and my life as a child and my upbringing. She shared some amazing advice and brought guides to help me, while sharing her own personal stories and her experiences. As she was doing the Reiki, I could feel my body release all that was holding me inside. Kamal was able to figure out things I didn’t even mention while doing Reiki – and suggested things to help. After leaving my session, I felt so at ease. My energy was high and I was happy and felt like taking on the world! And the best part is Kamal has this gift, while being the most extraordinary yet humble person I’ve ever met in my life. I can’t wait for my next session with her. I highly recommend everyone to do Reiki by Kamal ~ you will not be disappointed.”
<strong>~ SN</strong>

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