Enlightenment: The Sacred Journey

Self-Awareness Leads to Higher Consciousness: Reaching Enlightenment

sunrise1Reaching enlightenment doesn’t require special schooling, education or certification. It is a personal spiritual awakening. Self-awareness takes us to a higher consciousness, which in turn leads to the enlightenment stage.

Life chooses our parents and family for us. Depending on our parent’s awareness, we start learning and growing through the use of our five senses; touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. We record this in our awareness, which creates our mind. This is our understanding of our surroundings and environment.

We start learning from family, friends, teachers, co-workers and going through everyday activities in life. This knowledge and experiences form our mind. We all are born clear as crystal. We are not born with beliefs, habits and conditions; we learn these from our experiences. We carry forward sanskara from our past lives and this is why our higher self chooses all our relations.

In this lifetime, we have free will to choose our destiny. Our truth is that we are part of God. For those that don’t like the word God; we can say Source, Creator or Higher Self. We are all born of pure love and of peace. Our birthright is to live blissfully in every moment of life. If we aren’t living blissfully that means we need to clear blockages by working on ourselves. Our pure energy should flow like running water within our entire body. We deserve abundance in our finances, relationships and health; if we are experiencing lack then our energy is not flowing through our root chakra to our crown chakra. We all are aware that we are made of energy. All atoms, molecules and matter are made up of energy. Everything is energy on this planet.

We need to make ourselves our own priority; we are here to walk our own journey.

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